Tattoo Trends of 2021

by Phillippa Marshall

Most people nowadays consider having a tattoo to be a no-brainer. After all, any ink can be a seriously great way to express yourself. Although the decision to go under the needle may be easy, deciding what to get tattooed on your body and where to get it done may be difficult. To avoid regretting your tattoo in ten years, it is important to treat the process with caution. To assist you in this endeavor, we have developed this definitive guide packed with tips on how to choose the right tattoos for you.

According to these artists, some of the same motifs and patterns that have been popular in recent years (think icons and minimalistic art) will continue to be popular, but they will be joined by some modern — and perhaps unforeseen — developments in both positioning and style. Whether you’re thinking of getting some fresh body art in 2021, or if you’re already on the fence and just want some ideas for your Pinterest page, here are some of the tattoo patterns expected by experts. One thing is certain: Just because a tattoo is small does not preclude it from being complex.


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The Coverup

2021 is predicted to be the year of the coverup. Lockdown has given people a lot of time to look at themselves and think about what they don’t like and what they would like to improve. The realization has been that time is limited and that circumstances can change at any time, so why wait?


Funky Psychedelic

Psychedelic-inspired tattoos with neon colors and bold black lines will be common in 2021, citing the work of. This style can be described as illustrative surrealism with strong lines and vivid flashes of color. It’s kind of psychedelic acid painting. The more funkier, the greater.


Larger Statement Pieces

Larger-scale tatts are becoming commonplace, which is the polar opposite to one of 2020’s most popular patterns, micro tattoos. Consider that of Cardi B’s peacock tattoo. What is his theory? People are under the impression that they don’t have much to lose, so why not “go big, or go home”



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Symbolic Tattoos

Another 2021 theme is strongly expressive tattoos such as religious emblems and remembrance tattoos. Tattoos that reflect one’s faith or spirituality aren’t a recent thing, but we believe they will become more common in the coming year. This can range from crosses to clouds — whatever represents your views. Mandalas, lines from a religious book, crosses, and stars are examples of spiritual tattoo patterns. Henna or temporary ink can be options for those whose experience does not allow permanent tattoos.


Expansions and Add-ons

2021 people will see a continuance of people updating and extending their current ink into larger-scale pieces. Some people begin with something minimal and then want to expand it into a full sleeve. People are becoming more daring with their tattoo choices as tattooing becomes more socially acceptable.


Symbols of Nature

Nature and outdoor-themed ink designs are expected to be common in 2021. Many people could be discovering a new appreciation and enthusiasm for the outdoors after a year of lockdown and minimal travel, which they now want to reflect on their bodies. Nature-inspired tattoo patterns include plants, animals, and celestial references. Floral tattoos are here to stay. The beautiful and organic essence of wildflower tattoos appeals to the majority of people, and it’s something you won’t forget as long as it’s done properly. Flowers will also hold a lot of value for people, such as memories of loved ones.


Tribal is here to Stay

Tribal tattoos, which are mostly influenced by traditional Polynesian and South American art and tattoos, are a theme from the past, but these styles are still common today. Tribal tattoos, which use dark lines and negative space to make bold patterns, became particularly common in the 1990s, but the trend hasn’t faded. It’s important to understand that certain tribal-style looks are considered holy by some cultures.



Downward Trends of Tattoos

On the Flipside, there is also a downward trend to certain styles of tattoo, including cartoon-like models, seem to be losing favor. People seldom order cartoon-style character designs these days. Cartoony types are not as common as they were five to ten years ago. Characters with bright colors, unrealistic figures, and large, glistening eyes are becoming dated.

Lower-back tattoos are also becoming less common. Lower back tattoos are much easier to hide than arm and leg tattoos, but their prevalence has started to wane. They’re being phased out in favor of more noticeable tattoos, such as sleeves.

Those getting inked in 2021 could also be less interested in medium-sized designs. People nowadays like to go big or go home. Medium-sized tattoo styles are becoming obsolete as more customers opt for intricate, full-sleeved or minimal styled tattoos. Recipients are also requesting fewer tattoos for money, recognizing that money cannot buy happiness, and preferring fewer designs that emphasize fortune. Tattoos depicting representations of material riches will become increasingly scarce in the coming year, according to experts. If 2020 taught us something, it’s that life will take a turn for the worse at any time, regardless of your net worth.


Tattoo Removal

When people have tattoos, they often do some editing, such as cover-ups and additions to the image for a while. However, some people come to regret the tattoos they had because they didn’t have much of a choice at the moment. Fortunately, in these modern days, there is a cure for almost all, so relax if you are considering deleting one of yours!

It would have been very tough to get rid of an unwelcome tattoo in the past. We can’t quite fathom it! Laser Tattoo Removal is perhaps the most common and talked about way to get a tattoo removed these days.

Tattooing is not a recent practice but in reality, it dates back over five thousand years. Tattooing has long been used to denote social standing in many communities, and it was often used to label or tag slaves and human trafficking victims so that their slave owners could identify them. It has also been used to demonstrate political and religious power. Although current laser tattoo removal is a novel and revolutionary procedure, tattoo removal in other ways goes back to the origins of tattoos. These practices may be considered unethical in modern times, and luckily they no longer exist.

We suggest you think carefully if you are considering getting a tattoo or wondering how does laser tattoo removal work. Before jumping in straight to the need gun, give your body a trial first in the form of henna, or temporary tattoo, this way, if you decide you don’t like it, or it’s in the wrong spot, or even the wrong colours, it is easily removed and has no lifetime lasting effects.

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